Well, it’s only taken me about six months to tackle migrating Rancho Chase from the CapMac server to it’s new home at Wirenine. I was really not looking forward to the steps involved with creating a SQL dump of my existing WP database, opening it up and changing server locations and other parameters that are different, uploading it to the new server, making sure all of the other files from the prior WordPress installation are copied over to corresponding locations on the new server, and hoping that once launched everything works properly. Especially since I already have a working WordPress 2.0x installation at ranchochase.com!

In the end I took a simpler path that literally took less than two minutes. I used Aaron Brazell’s awesome WordPress to WordPress Import Plugin to export the existing blog content into a WXR file that I then imported into the existing WordPress blog located within my server space at Wirenine.

I need to get the plugins I installed on the CapMac server WP installation mirrored on the Wirenine WP install, then I will be ready to roll for blogging at ranchochase.com. Maybe I can even update my blog more often than once every six months!

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