Making a backup of your important data is step 1 of any disaster recovery plan. Step 2 is making a copy of that backup and storing it offsite so if something happens to your computer or where it is residing the data is not lost forever. Now that our computers and hard disks are repositories for precious irreplaceable files like digital photos, videos, and correspondence it is more important than ever to follow through on those backup plans that you’ve been putting off for ages.

Mozy has been available for PC users for awhile now and has received many positive reviews. Their Mozy for Mac beta program just launched and I must admit that I am quite impressed. Mozy allows you to download a small application that will upload the files you want to backup to their servers for safe, secure offsite storage. The files are encrypted in transmission and on their servers, and restoring them is done through a very straightforward web-based interface. You simply select the files you want to retrieve from your backups from a hierarchy that mirrors the folder structure of your hard disk, click a button, and Mozy goes to work copying them to a disk image for you to download. Once the image is ready an email notifies you. If you have lots of files and can’t wait for the download to complete you can opt for a DVD delivered via FedEx for a fee.

I tried it out today and although there are a few places where the user interface could be improved to be more intuitive it’s really a very nice Mac application that works smoothly and efficiently. It scans the files on your hard disk and presents a selection window of options for files that most people are interested in backing up (ie, email, photographs, music) as well as file types like “all Excel files.” If you don’t see the file or folder you want to backup in this list you can click on a tab and browse to select them in a standard dialog box. Mozy also incorporates the power of Spotlight, allowing you to create a set that is comprised of files that result from a spotlight search.

The best part about Mozy is the affordable price. You can backup 2 gigabytes of files absolutely free. If you need to back up more data you pay just $4.95 per month for unlimited files. Several other online backup services that I’ve checked charge higher fees based upon each additional gigabyte which provides a disincentive to backing up your data.

Give it a try. If you use this link we’ll both get a little more drive space to store our stuff:

Be sure to send feedback to the development team and thank them for bringing Mozy to Mac users.

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  1. Mark Millard on May 1, 2007 at 4:04 pm said:

    Sounds like a good service. Philosophically similar to

  2. Looks like the folks at Carbonite are preparing to serve Mac customers, too. A new message on their home page (http://www, says “We Are Working Hard on a Mac Version of Carbonite. We expect to have a version of Carbonite for Mac users in October. If you’d like to be notified upon release, please click here to email us.”

    Carbonite advertises “Only $49.95 per year for unlimited backup after your free trial.” I’ve sent in a request to be a beta tester. If selected it will be interesting to compare their services with Mozy.

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