My Fantasy Football team (the Garden Weasels) finally won a game! I’ve played in the same league for over a decade, and I think I’ve made the playoffs once. Of course every year I am convinced I will draft the magical combination of star players and breakout rookies who are on the verge of record-setting seasons that will win me the championship. And every year last year’s star doesn’t shine so bright once he’s my running back or quarterback (ie, Drew Brees this year) or an season-ending injury removes my top scorer in Week 2.

Our league is called the Apple Fantasy Football League (AFFL) because when David Bourland originated it back in the mid-90’s all of the participants were Apple employees working in Austin. Less than half of our 12 team managers are still Apple employees. David deserves a lot of credit for originating the league back when being a commissioner meant spending hours compiling stats and standings manually.

This week my 1-3 Garden Weasels battle the 2-2 Scotty’s Longpunters who will have Brett Favre at the helm. My QB this week is Vince Young. Drew Brees is getting benched this week which means that he will surely set league records against Carolina.

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