Back in May I was tasked with creating a music video for my daugher’s sixth grade graduation class, and spent many hours pondering which song(s) to use. In the end I chose no fewer than 8 from the list I posted earlier. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of many parents of the sixth graders I had a bountiful selection of photos to accompany each of the songs.

In case you’re interested, here are the songs that made the cut. I tried to avoid the emotional preachy theme in favor songs with a more uptempo beat. The videos were well received and most everyone who saw them asked for a copy on DVD.

1. All The Way Up – Emily Osment (3:12) – fast

2. Do You Remember – Jay Sean (3:30)

3. Graduation (Friends Forever) – Vitamin C (5:39)

4. Make it Shine (Theme from “Victorious”) – Victoria Justice (3:07)

5. Miles Apart – Yellowcard (3:32)

6. The Climb (Guitar Intro) – Miley Cyrus – 3:56

7. U Smile – Justin Bieber (3:16)

8. You Set Me Free – Michelle Branch (3:11)

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