Now that the new OHMS site is launched I need to take time to streamline it and speed up the loading time. Two essential tools I’ve discovered to measure, analyze, and diagnose problems with site loading time are Pingdom Tools Full Page Test and Google’s Page Speed Online.

Right now the newly developed OHMS site is posting an embarrassing Page Speed Score of 66 (out of 100) when tested by Google. Page Speed Online offers a tiered set of recommendations for decreasing load time and a comprehensive FAQ.

Pingdom’s test provides the total load time (17.3 seconds over a cable modem, ouch!) and lists every file requested by a browser, graphing the list in a chart to show which items took the longest to load. From their analysis I can see that I have plenty of work to do, starting with not loading ajax libraries three times (!). And how did that 79K image get in there? Quite obviously there were many nights of working on the site long after everyone else was asleep!

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