Nike + Apple = exercise that's far more enjoyable and rewarding

Nike + Apple = much more enjoyable and rewarding exercise!

Recently I decided to renew my efforts to exercise daily, motivated by a new program at work and repeated reminders from my better half about how important it is. I’m using an iPod nano and the very cool Apple + Nike Sport Kit to make the experience far more enjoyable.

Besides getting to listen to whatever suits my mood as I stride along a nice voice updates me with progress reports and congratulates me when I’m done. After I get home and cool down I just connect the Nano to my Macintosh and it automatically downloads the distance, time, and such and transfers it to the Nike Plus web site where I can track my exercise and compare my stats against the other people who have joined the Challenge.

It’s a great way to get immediate gratification and at the same time add some remote peer pressure for those times when there are plenty of more attractive options than strolling around on a hot, humid August night. So that I remain motivated as the time goes on I’ve decided to add a neat little widget to this blog that shares my latest stats with you in the sidebar. As you can tell, I’m no marathoner or sprinter, but I’m getting to listen to good music and greet the neighborhood cats that prowl the streets during my late evening walks.