I decided to spend a little time bringing ranchochase.com up-to-date after many months of benign neglect. After updating the WordPress installation and disabling various now-incompatible plugins I decided to install a new theme for a change of pace. This one just happens to feature a good amount of burnt orange in honor of the Longhorns appearance in the National Championship game on January 7.

Hook ’em Horns!


One of the courses I took during the summer of my senior year at the University of Texas was RTF370-Introduction to Film Criticism, taught by the awesome Dr. Charles Ramirez-Berg. For my final paper I elected to write about a topic close to my heart, the Beatles. I spent many nights at the PCL (main library on campus) researching reviews and reading interviews with Richard Lester before sitting down in front of a MacSE in the college computer lab and writing:

Auteurist Style and Ideological Views
in the Beatles Films of Richard Lester

In 1998 (a mere decade later) I found the floppy disk this document was stored on, and used the built in HTML converter in Word ’98 to share my paper online, uploading it to my personal web site hosted at http://members.aol.com/seabiscuit where it lived for another decade before AOL abruptly shut down their member web page services without notice.

Recently I came across a backup of my AOL web site files that included my final paper for Dr. Ramirez-Berg. If you’re a fan of the Fab Four (or someone researching A Hard Day’s Night or Help! for your film class) you might find it worthy of your time.

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