In Memory of my Father,

Colonel Arthur Leo Chase (1935-1994)
Fighter Pilot, USAF (1958-1986)

"In the Words of the Immortal Arthur Leo Chase ..."
Famous Quotes from Dad (not all approved by Mom ... )
General advice when you were going somewhere or about to do something Don't bust your ass.
On Fatherhood I should have drowned you all when you were puppies.
Advice to Glenn upon leaving for college Don't knock anybody up.
General compliment (sarcastic) You're all heart, baby. (Often followed with) Unzip your flying suit and your heart would fall right out on the floor.
General sarcastic remark on current situation My shattered ass.
Remarking on what he expects to happen I've got a widescreen technicolor picture of this.
On perspective You could be selling shoes in Kansas City.
Encouraging you not to give up Press on, baby.
On Marriage People who get married on purpose deserve what they get.
On Marriage Son, when you want to get married, I want you to come to me first. Then I'm going to grab the nearest blunt object and hit you right between the eyes with it.
Remarking on a female with long, attractive legs She's got struts all the way up to her fuselage.
When your appearance was suboptimal (ie, baseball uniform not worn right) You look like Bobby Grunt from Dime Box, Texas.
General sarcastic remark on current situation Buy you books and send you to school and all you do is chew the covers off.
General sarcastic remark on current situation That's my boy - raised him on Milk of Magnesia.
On Sports I root for two teams - Texas Tech and the team that plays Notre Dame.
Dad's Nickname for the "Fighting Irish" Goddamn Catholic All-Stars.
On a tall foul ball Would've been a home run in an elevator shaft.
On a very fast baseball pitcher He's throwing aspirin tablets.
When the team at bat is getting a lot of hits Time to open up a new can of pitchers.
Thanks to John Roberts for sharing this quote of my Dad's with me: You are slapping mosquitos while the buzzards are biting.

In Memory of my Father, Col. Arthur L. Chase, Fighter Pilot, USAF
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